Lig table. Statistics of matches that the team 24 Erzincanspor won or lost with a particular goal difference. The page also provides an insight on each outcome scenarios, like for example if 24 Erzincanspor win the game, or if Sancaktepe win the game, or if the match ends in a draw. Below you find a lot of statistics for this team. analyse how the website is used and advertising that And a Yes for both teams to score. 18+, Dépôt minimum de €5 et un premier pari requis pour obtenir le pari gratuit. 24 Erzincanspor vs Ergene Velimese - detailed statistical head to head preview and odds comparison. 100% Free matheatical football prediction for 24 Erzincanspor vs Ergene Velimese Time: 13:00 Date: 26/12/2020 League: Turkey TFF 2. Des cotes minimales, des exclusions de pari et de méthode de paiement s'appliquent. 1,143 talking about this. Teams Gumushanespor 24 Erzincanspor played so far 1 matches. For the game between 24 Erzincanspor vs Ergene Velimese on 26/12/2020 at 13:00 we calculated that 24 Erzincanspor has a 59% probability to win, 28% probability to draw and has a 14% probability to win. Offre limitée dans le temps et les Termes & Conditions s'appliquent. Lig White018 Group000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Turkey¬ZAC÷2LIG¬~AA÷A9GCbkdU¬AD÷1611655200¬ADE÷1611655200¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷xzpOJV9g¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬GRA÷0¬WN÷AME¬AF÷Amedspor¬JB÷jwlSIkPa¬PY÷EHdgkFvm¬WV÷amedspor¬GRB÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷fFcxFAtB¬AD÷1612346400¬ADE÷1612346400¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷Kahramanmarasspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷8GZFT6wI¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬GRB÷0¬WM÷KAH¬AE÷Kahramanmarasspor¬JA÷fDVBUnOB¬PX÷zND9ljwn¬WU÷kahramanmarasspor¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷8vantmuA¬AD÷1613296800¬ADE÷1613296800¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷H.T¬AF÷H.Trabzon¬JB÷OpBs9ZdR¬PY÷W2AtMUiH¬WV÷h-trabzon¬GRB÷0¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷As7wAFsL¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷t6xThQOF¬AD÷1613642400¬ADE÷1613642400¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷Sanliurfaspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷AscP1C6b¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬GRB÷0¬WM÷SAN¬AE÷Sanliurfaspor¬JA÷WjbL2hih¬PX÷fwpxfQy5¬WU÷sanliurfaspor¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷KI8mnF70¬AD÷1614160800¬ADE÷1614160800¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷UTA¬AF÷Utas Usakspor¬JB÷M1QVHOdd¬PY÷lQ7IEpB5¬WV÷utas-usakspor¬GRB÷0¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷rBRRI4sj¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷p2mn7GqQ¬AD÷1614855600¬ADE÷1614855600¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷Hacettepe¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷6VqDHF2D¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬GRB÷0¬WM÷HAC¬AE÷Hacettepe¬JA÷Svo9Iem7¬PX÷KS0xleK7¬WU÷hacettepe¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷jw1ZejyP¬AD÷1615374000¬ADE÷1615374000¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷ZON¬AF÷Zonguldak¬JB÷naOHpEWa¬PY÷4Ic5VhUK¬WV÷zonguldak-komurspor¬GRB÷0¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷YeKDofHg¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷xfPG8TKU¬AD÷1615719600¬ADE÷1615719600¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷Gumushanespor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷YgaxAUaB¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬GRB÷0¬WM÷GUM¬AE÷Gumushanespor¬JA÷f30YAAp5¬PX÷rLaxi33r¬WU÷gumushanespor¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷xGWCBjh9¬AD÷1616065200¬ADE÷1616065200¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷SAR¬AF÷Sariyer¬JB÷tvuMMS0E¬PY÷fNtKGmxb¬WV÷sariyer¬GRB÷0¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷2mtIN8o8¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷hnPf3Sak¬AD÷1616583600¬ADE÷1616583600¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷Manisa FK¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷jiN1Z5pK¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬GRB÷0¬WM÷MAN¬AE÷Manisa FK¬JA÷C0OcznVD¬PX÷K0zmTxp3¬WU÷manisa-fk¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷vJFUF5qe¬AD÷1617278400¬ADE÷1617278400¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷COR¬AF÷Corum¬JB÷lOMorzTi¬PY÷0vne21BK¬WV÷corum-fk¬GRB÷0¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷AXNsqGDo¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷zoV8TODf¬AD÷1617796800¬ADE÷1617796800¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷Kocaelispor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷rPAKqm4d¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬GRB÷0¬WM÷KOC¬AE÷Kocaelispor¬JA÷4YBGpTlj¬PX÷hfvQIzKf¬WU÷kocaelispor¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~AA÷f94osrrf¬AD÷1618142400¬ADE÷1618142400¬AB÷1¬CR÷1¬AC÷1¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷AFJ¬AF÷Afjet Afyonspor¬JB÷pC9ZcwP6¬PY÷pb4GhjWD¬WV÷afjet-afyonspor¬GRB÷0¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷6LAVbJ90¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬GRA÷0¬AN÷n¬~. Soccer result and predictions for 24 Erzincanspor against Sanliurfasporgame at 2. Anagold 24 Erzincanspor Kulübü information, including address, telephone, fax, official website, stadium and manager. 24 Erzincanspor scores and fixtures - follow 24 Erzincanspor results, fixtures and match details on Soccer24. Kick-off Times; Kick-off times are converted to your local PC time. Lig on 26/12/2020 Læs alt om 24 Erzincanspor på Lig White018 Group000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Turkey¬ZAC÷2LIG¬~AA÷4vd5SJHt¬AD÷1610269200¬ADE÷1610269200¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1610275926¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷KOC¬AF÷Kocaelispor¬JB÷QsN85MMO¬PY÷hfvQIzKf¬WV÷kocaelispor¬AS÷0¬AZ÷0¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷niO4627I¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬AS÷0¬AZ÷0¬GRA÷0¬AG÷0¬BA÷0¬BC÷0¬~AA÷lnp8in86¬AD÷1609927200¬ADE÷1609927200¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1609933842¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷SAN¬AF÷Sancaktepe¬JB÷4tW2ecGE¬PY÷rX5CqTXM¬WV÷sancaktepe¬GRB÷0¬AH÷3¬BB÷1¬BD÷2¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷jwSbdw18¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷5¬BA÷4¬BC÷1¬~AA÷AuctwmgD¬AD÷1609322400¬ADE÷1609322400¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Ankara Demirspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1609329500¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷AN6cSbnS¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬AS÷0¬AZ÷0¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬WM÷ANK¬AE÷Ankara Demirspor¬JA÷WW7gTvXL¬PX÷QgW5BTCM¬WU÷ankara-demirspor¬AS÷0¬AZ÷0¬GRA÷0¬AG÷0¬BA÷0¬BC÷0¬~AA÷4x7LsBvr¬AD÷1608976800¬ADE÷1608976800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1608983392¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷ERG¬AF÷Ergene Velimese¬JB÷Ea9IFL2M¬PY÷GCiVn8XE¬WV÷ergene-velimese¬AK÷1¬GRB÷0¬AH÷2¬BB÷0¬BD÷2¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷z9AEG1mG¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷6¬BA÷2¬BC÷4¬~AA÷EVd3yzI8¬AD÷1608717600¬ADE÷1608717600¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Nigde Anadolu¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1608724615¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷8rGWnWSI¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬AS÷2¬AZ÷2¬GRB÷0¬AH÷1¬BB÷0¬BD÷1¬WM÷NIG¬AE÷Nigde Anadolu¬JA÷UiHSmCDC¬PX÷WS3mWott¬WU÷nigde-anadolu¬GRA÷0¬AG÷0¬BA÷0¬BC÷0¬~AA÷Cn6sUWho¬AD÷1607853600¬ADE÷1607853600¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1607860448¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷INE¬AF÷Inegolspor¬JB÷ju1cskZr¬PY÷8pFgGSxO¬WV÷inegolspor¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷EFwUbH4G¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷1¬BA÷1¬BC÷0¬~AA÷CONfwyWb¬AD÷1607421600¬ADE÷1607421600¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Afjet Afyonspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1607428370¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷ARtomK54¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬AS÷0¬AZ÷0¬GRB÷0¬AH÷1¬BB÷1¬BD÷0¬WM÷AFJ¬AE÷Afjet Afyonspor¬JA÷Wzrsl0jb¬PX÷pb4GhjWD¬WU÷afjet-afyonspor¬AS÷0¬AZ÷0¬GRA÷0¬AG÷1¬BA÷0¬BC÷1¬~AA÷E9TrBIn6¬AD÷1606644000¬ADE÷1606644000¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Corum¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1606650931¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷tE3R5VG7¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬AS÷0¬AZ÷0¬GRB÷0¬AH÷2¬BB÷1¬BD÷1¬WM÷COR¬AE÷Corum¬JA÷2N4N6B11¬PX÷0vne21BK¬WU÷corum-fk¬AS÷0¬AZ÷0¬GRA÷0¬AG÷2¬BA÷0¬BC÷2¬~ZA÷TURKEY: Turkish Cup¬ZEE÷WbT430Fg¬ZB÷191¬ZY÷Turkey¬ZC÷tEvaLoFK¬ZD÷p¬ZE÷xAVJQVpp¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷2¬ZH÷191_WbT430Fg¬ZJ÷2¬ZK÷Turkish Cup¬ZL÷/turkey/turkish-cup/¬ZX÷00Turkey 006Turkey0260000000001000Turkish Cup 011sh Cup000¬ZXF÷00Turkey 006Turkey0260000000001000Turkish Cup 011sh Cup000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Turkey¬ZAC÷CUP¬~AA÷0EBYpsWo¬AD÷1606392000¬ADE÷1606392000¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Kasimpasa¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1606398729¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷fDVJwrR6¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬AK÷1¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬WM÷KAS¬AE÷Kasimpasa¬JA÷GMWFvOB0¬PX÷dOlaIG4l¬WU÷kasimpasa¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬BY÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷3¬BA÷0¬BC÷3¬~ZA÷TURKEY: 2. 18+, SA÷1¬~ZA÷TURKEY: 2. free soccer predictions and daily football betting tips from our expert tipsters Here on SofaScore livescore you can find all 24 Erzincanspor vs Ergene Velimeşe Spor previous results sorted by their H2H matches. Les retours excluent la mise des paris gratuits. Football teams - , or Disclaimer: Although every possible effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our services we accept no responsibility for any kind of use made of any … - Turkey, Spor Toto 2. Last and next matches, top scores, best players, under/over stats, handicap etc. Terms & Conditions apply. 24 Erzincanspor (Turkey - 2. The match of 24 Erzincanspor vs Ergene Velimese Spor in Turkey 2 Lig Beyaz is started at 2020-12-26 17:58. For this match, the initial Asian Handicap is 24 Erzincanspor-1.0; The initial Goals Odds is 2.5. * Correct score betting is when you bet on the exact score outcome of the match. 24 Erzincanspor Manisaspor live-resultat (og video online direktesending*) starter Mar 8, 2020 10:00 AM UTC i TFF 3. Totally, 24 Erzincanspor and Kocaelispor fought for 2 times before. This website makes use of cookies and similar technologies to improve your user experience, 24 Erzincanspor - İstanbul. For the last 5 matches, 24 Erzincanspor got 3 win, … Lig - Beyaz Grup 2020/2021 Lig) check team statistics, table position, top players, top scorers, standings and schedule for team. Download it for free. The winner is likely to be 24 Erzincanspor. 24 Erzincanspor. Lig, Grup 1 - Turkey. Lig White018 Group000¬ZXF÷00Turkey 006Turkey00200000000010002. On 5 August 2015, the club again changed its name to 24 Erzincanspor. Lig White018 Group000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Turkey¬ZAC÷2LIG¬~AA÷4vA0bu30¬AD÷1605693600¬ADE÷1605693600¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1605700472¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷MAN¬AF÷Manisa FK¬JB÷tGS6tFmd¬PY÷K0zmTxp3¬WV÷manisa-fk¬AS÷2¬AZ÷2¬GRB÷0¬AH÷3¬BB÷2¬BD÷1¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷2PT2seYk¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬GRA÷0¬AG÷2¬BA÷1¬BC÷1¬~AA÷AqXTc8Ck¬AD÷1605348000¬ADE÷1605348000¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Sariyer¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1605354864¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷nFvYv2Ci¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬GRB÷0¬AH÷0¬BB÷0¬BD÷0¬WM÷SAR¬AE÷Sariyer¬JA÷8OuUurco¬PX÷fNtKGmxb¬WU÷sariyer¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷1¬BA÷0¬BC÷1¬~AA÷YHWJkBKS¬AD÷1605088800¬ADE÷1605088800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷24 Erzincanspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1605095598¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷24E¬AE÷24 Erzincanspor¬JA÷tWGaP1e7¬PX÷OYA6BmSC¬WU÷24erzincanspor¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷2¬BA÷0¬BC÷2¬WN÷GUM¬AF÷Gumushanespor¬JB÷KMF3OLAD¬PY÷rLaxi33r¬WV÷gumushanespor¬GRB÷0¬AH÷1¬BB÷0¬BD÷1¬~ZA÷TURKEY: Turkish Cup¬ZEE÷WbT430Fg¬ZB÷191¬ZY÷Turkey¬ZC÷tEvaLoFK¬ZD÷p¬ZE÷xAVJQVpp¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷2¬ZH÷191_WbT430Fg¬ZJ÷2¬ZK÷Turkish Cup¬ZL÷/turkey/turkish-cup/¬ZX÷00Turkey 006Turkey0260000000001000Turkish Cup 011sh Cup000¬ZXF÷00Turkey 006Turkey0260000000001000Turkish Cup 011sh Cup000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Turkey¬ZAC÷CUP¬~AA÷2s2QsYmh¬AD÷1604484000¬ADE÷1604484000¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷11¬CX÷Menemenspor¬RW÷0¬AX÷0¬AO÷1604494506¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷24E¬AF÷24 Erzincanspor¬JB÷2i6dnSal¬PY÷OYA6BmSC¬WV÷24erzincanspor¬AS÷2¬AZ÷0¬BZ÷1¬GRB÷0¬AH÷2¬AU÷1¬BB÷0¬BD÷1¬WM÷MEN¬AE÷Menemenspor¬JA÷O07hm8pr¬PX÷n1hrwpZr¬WU÷menemenspor¬AZ÷0¬GRA÷0¬AG÷1¬AT÷1¬BA÷0¬BC÷1¬~, SA÷1¬~ZA÷TURKEY: 2. 1 - 1 A. Özgen R. Koçak 2 - 1. Free betting tips, Match Previews and Predictions, Head to Head (H2H), Team Comparison and Statistics. For the last 15 matches, 24 Erzincanspor got 8 win, 2 lost and 5 draw with 25 Goals For and 16 Goals Against. For the last 15 matches, 24 Erzincanspor got 9 win, 2 lost and 4 draw with 28 Goals For and 15 Goals Against. Average sum of goals scored by the team and the opponent, Matches in which the team scored a goal in both halves, Matches in which the team lost a goal in both halves. Lig: Beyaz. Welcome to 24 Erzincanspor (Turkey - 2. Soccer result and predictions for 24 Erzincanspor against Gumushanesporgame at 2. Turkey - 24 Erzincan Spor Kulübü - Results, fixtures, squad, statistics, photos, videos and news - Soccerway Her på SofaScore livescore finner du alle tidligere resultater mellom 24 Erzincanspor og Manisaspor, sortert etter deres innbyrdes kamper. Gumushanespor won 0 direct matches.24 Erzincanspor won 1 matches.0 matches ended in a draw.On average in direct matches both teams scored a 3.00 goals per Match. Lig White018 Group000¬ZXF÷00Turkey 006Turkey00200000000010002. Results Service. free soccer predictions and daily football betting tips from our expert tipsters Lig White Group¬ZL÷/turkey/2-lig-white-group/¬ZX÷00Turkey 006Turkey00200000000010002. Football teams - , or Lig White Group¬ZEE÷v99EsEjo¬ZB÷191¬ZY÷Turkey¬ZC÷6gss33jA¬ZD÷c¬ZE÷EHDYbOI6¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷1¬ZH÷191_v99EsEjo¬ZJ÷2¬ZK÷2. Kasimpasa vs 24 Erzincanspor Home Win, Draw, Away Win, Under/Over 3.5, Under/Over 2.5, Under/Over 1.5 goals, Asian Handicap percentage tips. We have allocated points to each yellow (1 point) and red card (3 points) for ranking purposes. might interest you. For this match, the initial Asian Handicap is 24 Erzincanspor-1.75; The initial Goals Odds is 3.0. 3 - 3 O. Taşdelen F. Bayır 4 - 3. Se seneste nyheder, kampe, resultater, stillinger og spillere i 24 Erzincanspor. The player predicts whether the result at the end of the normal game-time will be one out of three options: a win for one team, a win for the other team or a draw. 24 Erzincanspor Ergene Velimeşe Spor live score (and video online live stream*) starts on 26 Dec 2020 at 10:00 UTC time in TFF 2. All statistics are with charts. Played on Wednesday 14th October 2020 Tables, statistics, under over goals and picks. Lig White Group¬ZEE÷v99EsEjo¬ZB÷191¬ZY÷Turkey¬ZC÷6gss33jA¬ZD÷c¬ZE÷EHDYbOI6¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷1¬ZH÷191_v99EsEjo¬ZJ÷2¬ZK÷2. D W W W D. 04/11/2020 Cup KO 11:00 Venue Menemen Şehir Stadı (Menemen) Y. Talum 53' 1 - 0. 24 Erzincanspor v Ergene Velimese Spor, Turkey 2 Lig Beyaz, Score:6-2, Corner:7-4, 1x2 odds:1.533 3.75 5.00, Prediction/Tips: goal under 2.5,Ergene Velimese Spor +1.0 Lig - White Group soccer league. The club was founded in 1984 under the name Refahiyespor, in the town Refahiye, Erzincan Province.The biggest club in the region, Erzincanspor, folded in 2014 and Refahiyespor changed its name to Erzincan Refahiyespor as it lay its claim as the successor club. Lig White Group¬ZEE÷v99EsEjo¬ZB÷191¬ZY÷Turkey¬ZC÷6gss33jA¬ZD÷c¬ZE÷EHDYbOI6¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷1¬ZH÷191_v99EsEjo¬ZJ÷2¬ZK÷2. 24 Erzincanspor-Sanliurfaspor betting statistics. Matches in which the team has not lost a goal. The Analysis suggest Over 2.5 goals in this match. Lig. The 24 Erzincanspor vs Ergene Velimese statistical preview features head to head stats and analysis, home / away tables and scoring stats. Lig White018 Group000¬ZXF÷00Turkey 006Turkey00200000000010002. The 24 Erzincanspor vs Sancaktepe statistical preview features head to head stats and analysis, home / away tables and scoring stats. free soccer predictions and daily football betting tips from our expert tipsters Last game played with Kocaelispor, which ended with result: Draw 0:0.Players 24 Erzincanspor in all leagues with the highest number of goals: Matches in which team and opponent scored goal (Both teams to score). For more information click here: 24 Erzincanspor is currently on the 3 place in the 2. Lig) statistics. History. 24 Erzincanspor is playing against Kocaelispor in the Turkey 2. Gumushanespor in actual season average scored 1.00 goals per match. In 7 (77.78%) matches played at home was total goals (team and … MAÇA DOĞRU || ℹ 2.Lig Beyaz Grup 19.Hafta ⚽ Anagold 24 Erzincanspor - Sancaktepespor 6 Ocak 2021, Çarşamba ⏰ 13:00 Müstakil Atletizm ( Canlı Yayın ) Over Goals occurred for 1 times and Over Corners occurred for 1 times. 24 Erzincanspor got 1 win, 0 draw and 1 lost with 2 Goals For and 2 Goals Against. Sanliurfaspor meets 24 Erzincanspor in a match of a round in Turkey Cup this Tuesday at 14:30 GMT. 2 - 2 S. Akgün A. Buğan 3 - 2. Lig White Group¬ZL÷/turkey/2-lig-white-group/¬ZX÷00Turkey 006Turkey00200000000010002. Please note that this does not represent any official rankings. Check for latest offers and details. The page also provides an insight on each outcome scenarios, like for example if 24 Erzincanspor win the game, or if Ergene Velimese win the game, or if the match ends in a draw. All information about 24 Erzincanspor (2.Lig Beyaz) current squad with market values transfers rumours player stats fixtures news Lig, Beyaz Grup - Turkey. 24 Erzincanspor v Ergene Velimese Spor, Turkey 2 Lig Beyaz, Category: Inplay Corner Goal Score, Data: Inplay corner attack shoot goal 24 Erzincanspor taraftar sayfasıdır. 18+, Bet and watch live top football on Unibet TV, Gamble Responsibly. 1 - 1 70' S. Karakoç Video: T. Çalış 1 - 0. Our mobile app is optimized for your phone. Transfers: Overview of all signed and sold players of club 24 Erzincanspor for the current season. 24 Erzincanspor vs Ergene Velimeşe predictions, football tips and statistics for this match of Turkey TFF 2. Played on Wednesday 11th November 2020 Tables, statistics, under over goals and picks. Kick-off Times; Kick-off times are converted to your local PC time. Lig White Group¬ZL÷/turkey/2-lig-white-group/¬ZX÷00Turkey 006Turkey00200000000010002. Sayfa Zelzele Taraftar Grubuna aittir. Football Soccer Match 24 Erzincanspor vs Ergene Velimese Result and Live Scores Details. 725 likes. Erzincanspor ile ilgili son dakika haberleri, fotoğraflar, videolar vs hersey bu sayfada. Geo-variations and T&Cs apply. Statistics predict a full time result of 1:3. The match of 24 Erzincanspor vs Gumushanespor in Turkey 2 Lig Beyaz is started at 2020-11-11 18:00. On 8 August 2016, 24 Erzincanspor … Lig - White Group soccer league. Based on the current form and odds of 24 Erzincanspor & Kocaelispor, our value bet for this match is for this to be a high scoring match and there be over 2.5 goals.