This is one of those Romance Korean Dramas that’s surely going to touch your heart. Six more female students join who have different powers activated by a kiss. Twee rijke zakenmannen, beiden geobsedeerd door auto's, ontmoeten een idealistische pediater. 2020 at 0:26 AM. Episodes: 24 The romantic action series starring Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun snatches a special place in our hearts effortlessly. Studios: Brain’s Base Aired: 2007. ÜberWeihnachten. Starring: Kim Jung-Hyun, Lee Yi-Kyunh, Son Seung-Won. Each having their own life, they humorously get past their mid-life crises and strive to be better with each day. Kim Min-kyu lives a very lonely and isolated life because of a severe allergy to other people. You’ll get to see great cinematography with some amazing locations, whether it may be a pub, war field, snowy mountains or forests. Weitere Ideen zu koreanisch, serien, koreanische dramen. According to the girls, there is the presence of a ghost in their house. When the principal of the school questions why they were seen intimately together, they get by confessing that they are a married couple. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a214b00f3fdece878954d2e87ecdfb39" );document.getElementById("e1760341a1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I thought it was super good but those mfs seem like they aint finishing it anytime soon. When he plans to kidnap her, his kind-hearted nature makes it an unsuccessful attempt. See Also: Anime Similar To My Hero Academia, Episodes: 12 Aired: 2014. Ecchi is strong in this anime, and so is humor. Apart from that the drama also gives us a true look into sexism and how often women are being objectified and are compared on the basis of some physical standard. Ze is kwaad op hem en hoopt op een verzoening met Robert. Genres: Sci-Fi, Harem, Comedy, Romance, Mecha, School In this fight of love, they plan schemes to get the other person to confess their love. In de mood voor een romantische filmavond, maar geen idee welke je moet kiezen? Denk Titanic, maar dan in de ruimte. Nisekoi: False Love is a romantic comedy anime that offers excellent entertainment value. Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Determined to change her story she works against the plot and find a true love. Studios: Connect The story is filled with realistic scenes and it is delivered to that point without being overdone. Genres: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Of course, she can do this as she belongs to one of the wealthiest families in Japan. Reply. The drama is set during the rule of a famous tyrant King Yeosangun. Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Slice of Life Aired: 2014. Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen Starring: Lee Jong-suk, Bae Suzy, Jung Hae-in, Lee Sang-yeob, Ko Sung-hee. These two gradually develop feelings for each other, but out of their ego or vulnerable nature, they are not willing to admit it. Although struggling between revenge and curiosity, the couple still holds onto each other in dire needs. Een nieuwe Netflix-serie en eentje in de categorie Chesapeake Shores, dus een lekkere wegkijker en op zijn tijd heerlijk romantisch. Aired: 2012. Another character of the story is Ahn Min Hyuk who is an extraordinary second-generation chaebol. This anime is the very definition of ecchi comedy. Your email address will not be published. Weitere Ideen zu Filme, Filme serien, Serien. The romance comedy anime is hilarious, especially as Hachiman tries to balance his narcissistic views with his act of helping others. The duo fight for their role and their love while being selfless. As it is a very character-driven drama, if you can identify your self with any of the characters, you can be sure to like this romance comedy anime. But when Kou ends up falling into a river, a stranger saves his life. Later he comes back to Joseon as a United States Marine Corps officer. Seo Jung Hoo is a night courier professional known only as “Healer”. Aired: 1989 – 1992. Lee Eun Jung plays a documentary director who suddenly becomes famous. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 1767 Nutzer auf Pinterest. (LE) Mitsuyoshi Tada, a boy who has never known love, meets Teresa Wagner, a transfer student from Luxembourg, while taking photographs of the cherry blossoms in full bloom. He is constantly forced by his family to get married. Studios: SynergySP Du stimmst den Nutzungsbedingungen und den Datenschutzhinweisen von Google Payments zu.Nutzungsbedingungen und den Datenschutzhinweisen von Google Payments zu. Gelukkig heb je ons en kunnen we je daarbij helpen! However, Dong Baek’s struggles in life and her responsibility as a single mother is beautifully highlighted to form the main plot of a great drama. Starring: Kim Yeong-cheol, Kim Hae-sook, Lee Yoo-ro, Ryu Soo-young, Lee Joon, Jung So-min. Episodes: 24 Now she has found a way to live her life to the fullest. Serie Fenix nu op Netflix te zien. Serie/Feuilleton Romantische komedie : Eva beseft dat ze door Christoph gemanipuleerd werd. Do let us know if you feel that a particular anime should have been included in the list. Another character of the story, Ji Eun-tak is a high school student who is a very positive person and remains optimistic despite the various hardships she has gone through in her life. But fate has different plans for him when Lala Satalin Deviluke, crown princess of an alien empire, crash-lands on top of a bathing Rito. Virgin River. Within no time they kind of bond very well as friends and they are pleased with their life overall. The female lead played by Lee Se Young is a warm and kindhearted but talented anesthesiologist. Episodes: 25 In comparison, his close friend, Makoto Sunakawa, is handsome and is popular among the girls. 26.09.2020 - Erkunde Bettina Gorbas Pinnwand „Film“ auf Pinterest. All this while unintentionally wooing the hearts of the women around him. It is a fun watch if you are a fan of ecchi. She has never played any musical instrument in her life. ANIME-LOADS.ORG bietet dir Downloads und Streams von Anime, Manga, Asia Filme & Hentai auf Hostern wie,,, und vielen weiteren an Her silly ways cause him embracement and are the primary source of comedy. So, if ecchi is not a problem for you, surely go for this anime. You didn’t add ‘The world is still beautiful ‘ or a all time favorit, ‘Akagami no Shirayuki -Hime’ which is also called ‘Snow white With her red hair’ (It’s not snow white themed it’s a very good one I even rewatched it multiple times.) 2020 at 17:21 PM. 8 X Films om te kijken op netflix in September. 12 – MY ONLY LOVE SONG 마이 온리 러브송 Episodes: 12 As he grapples with balancing his life, hilarious things keep happening to make this show very fun to watch. But to his misfortune, both the girls were there to convey their love for his best friend Taiyou Ooga, aka Sun-chan. Takeo Gouda is a muscular and tall guy. All emotions of pain, sorrow, happiness, and worries are beautifully expressed. Briljante serie die advocaat Jeff Winger volgt die terug wordt gestuurd naar community college. The anime depicts the blossoming of love between two unlikely couples. Rainbow50. Aired: 2019. Episodes: 13 Will he be able to make his dream come true? 29th Sep. 2020 at 2:52 AM. Jin-joo is a housewife who struggles to find meaning in his life and feels ignored and isolated. So, if you can restrain yourself from having great expectations for this anime, you will enjoy this series. Now, it’s up to Shidou to save the world by dating those who threaten to destroy it! This stops her from confidently engaging with an experienced partner. But then again, the characters of the anime manage to keep the anime interesting. De Romantische Strasse biedt een perfecte combinatie van cultuur, gastvrijheid, geschiedenis en natuurschoon, onderweg van Würzburg naar Füssen aan de voet van de Alpen. The relation between the duo is heart-warming and pleasing to look at. But how will he deal with the danger succeed in his love? This romance comedy anime does not depend on the usual romantic cliches and hence is an exciting watch. After getting bullied because of her looks, Kng Mi-rae decides to get plastic surgery. En natuurlijk zijn er al een paar te zien. 19.07.2020 - Erkunde Fantastic World of Moodboardss Pinnwand „Ein ganzes halbes Jahr“ auf Pinterest. When his father is training him in China, Ranma accidentally falls into a cursed spring. It is one such anime that can leave an impression on you. Genres: Comedy, Parody, Romance Ze wil in Bichelheim blijven en begint haar appartement opnieuw in te … It all started 30 years ago when it killed almost 150 million people in east Asia. What more? The anime is nothing too out of the ordinary as you can draw parallels with other romance anime, but it surely is a good watch for the rom-com anime lovers. As they start to understand relationships, the story involves around how their life begins to change. It is slow on romance, so do not expect much from this regarding that. List of the latest romance movies in 2020 and the best romance movies of 2019 & the 2010's. She creates a handsome male character,  “Hayashi,” in the MMO Fruits de Mer. Aired: 2019. Studios: Doga Kobo Reply. 2020 wordt een goed jaar voor animefans. Can you feel the love tonight? Weitere Ideen zu Romantische filme, Filme, Romantik. Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, School Call it whatever you want, Nagi has no stopping since. Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo Studios: Madhouse Aired: 2006. From deep love stories to light RomComs, these romantic movies are ready and waiting. Everyone believes that she could win medals, but the real reason behind such an invention is not the advancement of humankind but love. The story is set 500 years ago, during the Chosun Dynasty. During his middle school years, he was convinced that he was the “Dark Flame Master.” Now he only looks at this with extreme embarrassment. The story is about a soldier from a Special force team who falls in love with a doctor. Nieuwe HBO series in 2020. Starring: Lee Joon-gi, Kim Kyu-tae, Kang Ha-neul, Hong Jong-hyun. But after a harrowing incident, he disappears changing his name to Kim Sa-bu. Genres: Comedy, Psychological, Romance, School, Seinen She has struggled with supporting her family. She conducts such experiments to get Tanaka’s love and attention, but he is too dense to understand any of it. One of the awesome things about this drama is that it’s about regular people like us who are struggling for their dreams, come across bad relationships and are learning out of life which makes it more relatable and enjoyable to watch. The comedy can turn typical at times, but it is enjoyable. Studios: AIC Plus+ The anime stays true to its slice of life and the Shoujo tag. He fells in love with an aristocrat’s daughter. She overcame all her social discrimination in the male-dominated society and landed as a royal cook and later the physician in charge of the king. Starring: Lee Sung-kyung, Nam Joo-hyuk, Lee Jae-yoon, Kyung Soo-jin. Episodes: 12 This action-packed series is the best of the best among romantic Korean dramas and is a must-watch. He looks for a female bride which is the only way to end his immortal life. I have watched 19 dramas out of yoir list… there is more to watch! After a private wedding at home, the couple now has to do their best to keep the marriage a secret. Kusanagi’s determined love for Kazami and the innocent romance between them makes this a beautiful romantic anime. All this even when as he longs for her love. The girls adore her, and the boys don’t want to get on her bad side. Here is an anime about a narcissistic high school student Hachiman Hikigaya. Eventually, she befriends some of her quirky schoolmates as she hangs on to her love. The club lead by Toranosuke Miyamura, a student council officer, begins a quest to unravel more mysteries. This makes it very difficult for Yamada to seduce Kosuda. May 16, 2020 - 647 Likes, 11 Comments - Korean Dramas ; (@kdramaie) on Instagram: “' The King: Eternal Monarch 彡 「 Episode 9 」 They are both Woo Do-hwan but why is it so funny seeing…” Still, when he gives the exams, he performs very poorly. Anyone with a strong will to play music can use this magic violin to play music. Both of them are members of the Otogi Bank, a club that solves problems for anyone. Aired: 2007. Previously it was an all-female high school. Even if you have no idea about the 90s you are still going to enjoy watching this drama. She discovers that whenever she touches Joo Joong-won the ghosts around her disappear. And when more girls come into his life, his confession keeps getting delayed as more chaos builds up in this life. The story revolves around a family that consists of the father, his wife and their three daughters and three sons. The drama is set in the 1990s which follows a female high school student She-Won who is a fan of a boy band H.O.T and idolizes her five high school friends. Episodes: 23 It is one of the best Romance Korean Dramas to watch. 2013 . 15 – METEOR GARDEN (CINESE), Great list. De bikkelharde serie, onder regie van Shariff Korver, was alleen gratis te zien voor KPN-klanten met een abonnement voor Interactieve TV. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. But due to his previous experiences, he suspects that she likes his friend Sunakawa. De achtdelige serie is met recht een onverwachte parel te noemen, maar hadden we op het eerste gezicht bijna overgeslagen. The drama is about the story of five girls who are in their twenties and have come together to live in a house called “Belle Epoque”, which means ” a  beautiful time in French”. Kim Dan (L), an angel who is although optimistic, somehow ends up in trouble. Romance in married life? Starring: Ji Chang-wook, Park Min-young, Yoo Ji-tae. Episodes: 12 He discovers the one way to neutralize these Spirits peacefully: make them fall in love. Maar er worden begin 2020 ook weer nieuwe Amerikaanse series gelanceerd. The unique and lively Im Jin Joo is a lovable character with her share of depth and lightheartedness. ... 2020 . This anime is 52 episodes of the comedy, parody and, romance. The main leads Kim Hye Yoon and Ro Woon does an extraordinary job in portraying the characters. Each one of them has a different story and has to work really hard in one of the most stressful, busiest jobs in the world to earn a living. final volume was announced recently, check it out. Aired: 2014. This family has a curse that, family members will transform into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac sign when any person of the opposite sex hugged them. Korea had a male-dominated structure and a rigid hierarchical system. She is also very good at studies and sports, but the model student has an embarrassing secret—she works part-time as a maid at a maid café. Takumi Usui, the most popular boy in school, learns of this secret, but he has no intention of this to become public. Genres: Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, School, Seinen Aired: 2015. With this, we have come to the end of the list of 50 best romance Korean dramas. Die Liebesbuch Neuerscheinungen September 2020 sind so vielfältig, dass es schwierig ist alles aufzuzählen. Liking this drama is something complicated to generalize, but if you love an amusing story, you should give this romance comedy anime a chance. Starring: Kim Ji-won, Park Seo-joon, Ahn Jae-hong, Song Ha-yoon. Yeon founds herself on a building rooftop with a man lying down covered with blood. This anime is a humorous and light-hearted take on the relationship between couples after marriage and how they can make up for each other’s faults. Otherwise, this is a popular comedy ecchi anime that you can watch for light-hearted fun. Rito Yuuki is a 16-year-old guy who is struggling to confess his love to his love interest, Haruna Sairenji. Episodes: 26 She is a great inventor and has invented many unique things. Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo Romantische films op Netflix. He wants to forget about it and so decided to move to a school that is far away from his present school, where he is new to everyone. Another character of the story, Jee-Chan is a prosecutor who moves in with his younger brother to a new house. So this romance comedy anime can get you thinking on those lines, and you can watch it for that very reason. Episodes: 13 Toch is die brug soms wat lastiger te slaan. The drama revolves around the story of Jang Hye Sung who becomes a lawyer after suffering from poverty and many painful memories of her childhood. Niet gebaseerd op een waargebeurd verhaal; en ook nog eens grappig. The story centers on a young boy who is born in a slave family but escapes to the United States after the traumatic event during the Shinmiyangyo. 4 – MY COUNTRY – THE NEW AGE 나의 나라 His unfortunate life takes a turn when he meets Nagi Sanzenin. With good humor and interesting characters, the anime offers an intriguing dose of romance. Studios: Yumeta Company Tijdens de eerste drie edities werd aan de romantische mensen gevraagd om middernacht op alle pleinen van de deelnemende mooiste dorpen te zoenen of kussen. Episodes: 12 If you have come to like the synopsis, surely give this anime a try. The anime follows the lives of four high school boys—Natsuki Hashiba, a dreamer; Tomoya Matsunaga, a playboy; Keiichi Katakura, a kinky sadist; and Tsuyoshi Naoe, an otaku. De juiste serie of film vinden kan soms tot grote frustratie lijden. Aired: 2014. Kim Jung Hwan only has one thing in his mind and that’s soccer, even after his family became rich overnight. If this is something that you find interesting, go ahead and watch it. Weitere Ideen zu Filme, Filme serien, Liebesfilme. Je mag aannemen dat abonnees van KPN inmiddels beschikken over een Netflix-account. It mainly focuses on young prince Lee Bang Won and revolves around the success, ambitions, and conflicts between various fictional and real people. Tsukune Aono is unable to get into any high school as a result of his bad grades. Ze kijken inderdaad lekker weg. Die besten Serien 2020 Neue Episodenguides Serien Poster Serien Streams Serien Genre. Aired: 2014. The character designs of the leads are right, and you will enjoy watching this romance comedy anime. He has other cute plans. Later he is forced to join their group, along with his cyber girl Ene. Shintarou now gets to learn the past of the members and the secret that ties up the group together. Studios: Hal Film Maker, TYO Animations Aired: 2005. 19.10.2020 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „filme und serien“ von Sandra Häußler. This drama adopted from a web-comic shows us the teen romance with a twist. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 129 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Starring: Chae Soo-bin, Yoo Seung-ho, Um Ki-joon. Without any alternative, Kou now starts to live with her under the bridge. Things begin to change when he is forced to join the Volunteer Service Club, a club that solely aims to provide help and support students in need of it. Genres: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Magic, Music, Romance, School, Shoujo It is a good watch if you are not serious about a fresh plot and want to enjoy a light romance comedy anime. The Crime investigation storyline accommodates their blooming romance seamlessly. Kou Ichinomiya is from an elite background who has been brought up to be a standing example for society. Netzkino bietet euch hier kostenlos und legale Filme in ganzer Länge an. He was once at the top in his field and worked at Seoul’s hospital. Genres: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Ecchi, Seinen 1st Jun. I have personally loved watching this romance comedy anime with a mix of excitement, and I hope you will too. All this to reduce the friction between the two groups. Soon she meets and befriends an adorable healer, Lily, in the game. Watch this anime to see who rises as victorious on the battlefield of love! Also playing this game is Yuuta Sakurai, a 28-year-old corporate worker who has his very own reasons to do so. His life takes a turn when a top actress, named Chun Song Yi moves in next door. 2 – BLACK 블랙 Your email address will not be published. This anime is perfect for viewers new to the rom-com genre. Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School The relation between the two gradually blooms to a wonderful and heart-warming love. The anime has many hilarious moments, but note that this is an ecchi anime. This romance comedy anime presents the love story of two prideful geniuses, who see confessing as a sign of “weakness.” Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are top representatives of the student body at Shuchiin Academy. 9 – STRANGER 비밀의 숲 Studios: Toei Animation Episodes: 26 He goes through great fuss while searching for the truth and a second-rate tabloid writer, Chae Young Shin joins him in the search. Starring: So Ji-sub, Kong Hyo-Jin, Seo In-Guk Kim Yoo-Ri. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae1b6b207fd978e905134186d80dae66" );document.getElementById("e1760341a1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. One day a celebrity visits their house claiming that he is the son of the family. But the scopophilic Morino has just confessed his love for Ookami. Aired: 2010. The anime has good comedy, and the romance builds up steadily and matures towards the end. He begins to work at a small hospital called Doldam in Gangwon Province. Taiga Aisaka meets Ryuuji Takasu, and their meeting is akin to a tiger meeting a dragon. 14 – ERASED (GIAPPONESE) List of 18 Best Romance Eroticism Smut Adult Manga Like Sweet Punishment (18+), Top 100+ Hot Anime Guys – They Make Your Heart Skip a Beat, 40 Best Korean Mature Adult Webtoons (Manhwa) For Webtoon Lovers, 45 Best Gay Anime Worth Checking Out – 2020, 40+ Best Websites to Discover and Read Korean Webtoons (Manhwa) in English, 9 Best Romance Smut Ecchi Anime Similar To Sweet Punishment (18+). Gelukkig komen deze dan ook al vroeg in 2020 en dat is dan ook precies waarom de serie zo hoog staat in onze lijst met beste Netflix series in 2020 om naar uit te kijken. But there is a vast thing holding her back, and she thinks her vagina looks weird. For lovers of Sci-Fi, this anime would very much appeal to them. The anime especially highlights the various trouble high schoolers go through concerning friendships and love relationships. Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Shounen, Slice of Life 3 – VAGABOND 배가본드 But on campus grounds, there is one golden rule – exterminate any human found around. 2020 at 16:16 PM. The story revolves around a 30-year-old single man, Gong Woo-jin who is a set designer. Neldz. 16.12.2019 - Erkunde B.Crowns Pinnwand „Romantische Filme“ auf Pinterest. Each of them has a distinct personality and has their kind of love interests. Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Slice of Life But in his second year, he goes back to being how he was. Now, the Demon Lord has to live like normal humans, i.e. In 8 seizoenen zijn de avonturen gesitueerd in de moderne tijd. Genres: Comedy, Romance, Seinen Jeon Seol, a veterinarian and a book lover runs her own delivery service and becomes an anti-fan of  Se Joo and thinks that he is overrated. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 142 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Starring: Jung Yu-mi, Lee Kwang-soo, Bae Sung-woo, Bae Jong-ok. Denise voelt zich intussen schuldig omdat ze Christoph verraden heeft. Aired: 2008. Episodes: 12 I hope you have liked the extensive collection. Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo The couple has a loving and longing romance fitted perfectly between the medically packed series. Er waren daarvoor 49 vierkanten nodig, 7 op elke rij. Starring: Yeon Woo-jin, Han Groo, Jeong Jinwoon, Heo Jung-min, Han Sunhwa, Yoon So-hee. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. You must watch it if you are fond of medical dramas and apart from that, you will also learn some important lessons about life while watching this drama. Genres: Comedy, Romance, Vampire, School, Shounen Langs de Rijn Aan het einde van de reis volgen Martin en Huub de Rijn van Nijmegen naar Hoek van Holland. We got a nice mix of romantic comedy anime for you, and we recommend you try them out. He comes from a rich family but has suffered from devastating injuries in his childhood days. One day he meets a young girl by the name Nagisa Furukawa, and soon, he finds himself interested in helping her in her dream to revive the school’s drama club. Amatsuyu Kisaragi, aka Joro, is an average second-year high school student. Studios: Production I.G Episodes: 13 Tsukune has no idea that this academy is for students learning to coexist with humans. He often comes across as intimidating. Aired: 2010. The story revolves around Lee young-joon, and his highly qualified secretary, Kim Mi-so. Studios: Shaft Aired: 2013. Deutsche Neuerscheinungen und Bestseller. This series is heartwarming and heart wrenching at the same time. Welke series en films zijn er Nieuw Deze Week (week 51 2020)? If you like the first few episodes of the anime, you are sure to love this romance comedy anime overall. This is one anime that offers you matured leads and certainly appealing to the people in the late 20s or early 30s who have grown up watching anime. 30-year-old Moriko Morioka is unemployed by choice. Beside him, the vice president Kaguya exceeds in every field and is the eldest daughter of the wealthy Shinomiya family. 1 – MR. SUNSHINE 미스터 션샤인 The anime is perfect for comedy, and the romance between Ryuu and Shiraishi is good, so you can give this romance comedy anime a try if harem anime don’t bother you a lot. The friendship he shares with the female lead is heartwarming and endearing to watch. Its members are Eriri Spencer Sawamura, a great part-time artist, and Utaha Kasumigaoka, the famous literary elite. He first arrived on earth in 1609. But over and above that, she misunderstands his intention as him trying to confess. Beste romantische tv series op Netflix, Videoland, Prime, Disney+ of DVD in 2020 Beste romantische tv series uit de 2010's verschenen op DVD, Bluray of Netflix, Videoland, Prime of Moviemax. The boarding house, Kawai Complex, is not an ordinary place and has quite a few eccentric individuals. The story revolves around various struggles and drama in their day to day to life. Studios: Gonzo, AIC Sie folgt Marianne und Connell, die beide aus einer Kleinstadt in Irland kommen und sich kennen und lieben lernen. If you are a fan of Romance Korean Dramas then this show is a must watch for you. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Genres: Game, Comedy, Romance The anime through the lives of five college-goers depicts the emotional aspects of life. The anime is a fun watch with nice comedy and ecchi moments. Aired: 2013. Studios: Doga Kobo  Deokman, who was born a twin and abandoned as a baby, was later brought back to Silla palace where she teams up with her twin sister Princess Chonmyong in order to oppose Mishil who is chasing after power. Later, both Hong-Joo and Jee-Chan handles various cases together. Studios: J.C.Staff Demon Lord Satan is busy conquering the land of Ente Isla with his demon armies. But she is one day given a magic violin. Aired: 2004. It’s about a group of college athletes who are fighting and struggling for their dreams, about finding love and learning and growing in every step of the way. Inu x Boku SS is the story of how two people with bad interpersonal skills ultimately help each other and fall in love. Yoo Jin Oh, a ghostwriter, and a mysterious man can bail Se Joo out of his situation but has certain conditions that Han Se Joo might not be able to meet. The harem tag must raise a flag for many and rightly so the plot of the anime is very much geared towards it. Hwang Yong Shik is a police officer who harbors feelings for Dong Baek and is played by Kang Ha Neul. Episodes: 12 Aired: 2012. Another character of the story, Woo Seo-ri fell into a coma at the age of seventeen. The other inhabitants of the Maison have their very own quirky personalities, and both Ririchiyo and  Soushi have to thrive in this environment. So you can give this anime a try if you love rom-com anime. He also learns that she attends the same school. Episodes: 24 Your email address will not be published. Je kan de lijst sorteren op titel, IMDb-score of Nederlandse releasedatum. Studios: J.C. Staff  He tries to overcome his problems with patience and believes that living a healthy lifestyle is the only way to survive in this world. Soo-min has to pick up where Kyung-me left off when her oldest sister Lee Kyung-me is murdered in the criminal underworld Soo-min falls for the organization’s drug Kingpin, who is the doctor’s son and also happen to be the main suspect in her sister murder. The story follows the life of Raku Ichijou, a first-year student at Bonyari High School. As much as he likes to stay away from the Yakuza activities of his family, fate has different plans in store for him. The drama is not going to fail to enchant its audience with exquisite scenery, lush rolling landscapes and billowing sails of the war boats. Studios: Seven He is Psychometric is a romance and self-healing genre drama that leaves us all feeling the romance at the end of each episode. Deze vier toffe series/films komen dus in 2020 op HBO, welke is jouw favoriet? Starring: Cha Eun-woo, Im Soo-hyang, Jo Woo-ri, Kwak Dong-yeon.